SONM (SNM) smart contract replacement and token reduction plan completed

    Dear Users: Binance has now completed the SONM (SNM) 10:1 token shrinkage program. Recharge and withdrawal functions are now open, please experience! Note:

    - After 8:00 on April 26, 2021 (Hong Kong time), Binance will no longer support SONM old contract recharge, SONM old contract recharge will not be recorded, and SNM old tokens will not be converted into SNM new tokens for details. There are huge risks in digital currency trading. Please be careful to purchase and pay attention to the transaction risks. Binance will select high quality currencies, but will not guarantee or compensate you for any transactions.



    亲爱的用户:币安现已完成SONM (SNM)10:1 代币缩量计划。充值、提现功能现已开放,敬请体验!注意:

    - 2021年04月26日8:00(香港时间)后,币安不再支持SONM旧合约充值,SONM旧合约充值将不会上账,SNM旧代币也无法转换成SNM新代币详情参考:关于支持SONM (SNM)10:1 代币缩量计划公告风险提示:数字货币交易存在巨大风险,请您谨慎购买,并注意交易风险。币安会遴选优质币种,但不对您的任何交易行为承担担保、赔偿等责任。