[Important] App Security Enhancement

    Dear Traders, To proactively protect your security, we have embedded app security solution in Upbit App. [Security Features] - Integrity validation on App & OS. - Integrated App access log monitoring. - Virtual machine & hooking detection. - Encryption of source code and binary. - and additional security features. In case there's known security vulnerability on your phone, the solution will block the use of Upbit App to protect your asset. Security vulnerabilities will include - Android rooting or iOS jailbreak. - Any detection of deny-listed App. - Other case of security threats. Upon the detection of security vulnerability, you will see warning messages including - Suspicious App was detected on your phone, please delete the App to use Upbit. - Unable to launch Upbit due to rooting / debugger / emulator / Xposed / Substrate, etc. - The app will be forcibly closed as there is an app installed related to rooting (jailbreaking). - Please restart the app after deleting the rooting (jailbreaking) related app. - The app will be forcibly closed due to the library being tampered with. - A tampered app cannot be used. Please delete and reinstall from the App Store. In such case, please - Unroot, delete jailbreak to validate integrity of OS. - Delete apps downloaded from other than Google Play Store or Apple App Store. - Delete Android Busybox app if it was installed. - Contact Customer Support. We will continue to put our best effort to protect your asset. Thank you. Upbit Team. Find us on: - Twitter: []( - Instagram : [](