[Withdrawal/Deposit] Withdrawal Fee Change for ETH and Some ERC 20 Tokens

    Dear Traders, There has been increased network cost on ETH and ERC 20 tokens for extended period. For stable withdrawal, we will update withdrawal fee of ETH and some ERC 20 tokens. [Adjustment Detail] - Effective from : 11:00 3 Apr 2021, Singapore Time. - Target Token : ETH and some ERC 20 tokens. (OMG, POWR, REP, SNT, STORJ, MTL, ANT, MANA, ZRX, BAT, BNT, RCN, NMR, DNT, CVC, RLC, ADX, LRC, STMX, DMT, POLY, PRO, LOOM, MFT, RFR, BFT, ENJ, EDR, PUNDIX, NCASH, DENT, ELF, SOLVE, ANKR, AERGO, STPT, LAMB, DAI, BORA, TSHP, LINK, CRV, CTSI) - Please refer to Support > User Guide > [Withdrawal Fees]( for the detail. Thank you. Upbit Team.