[Digital Asset] NPXS Token Swap to PUNDIX (Transaction Suspension)

    Dear Traders, We will support NPXS token swap to PUNDIX. - [NPXS Token Swap]( [Token Swap Detail] - Token Swap Starts: On Mar 30th 2021 (estimated) - Ticker Change: NPXS (Pundi X) → PUNDIX (Pundi X) - Pair Name Change: NPXS/BTC → PUNDIX/BTC - Swap Ratio: NPXS : PUNDIX = 1,000:1 [Temporary Suspension of Transaction] - Withdrawal/deposit Suspension: Mar 29th 2021 10:00 ~ until the swap completion. - Trading Suspension : 13:00 31 Mar ~ 18:00 31 Mar. The schedule may change upon further update on this announcement. Trading pair name will be changed upon trading resumption. Orders with certain condition as below will be cancelled for user protection. Bid orders with the price higher than the last market price before 30 Mar 14:00. Ask orders with the price lower than the last market price before 30 Mar 14:00. Thank you. Upbit Team. Find us on: - Twitter: []( - Instagram : [](