MXC Matcha's Announcement on UFT Leveraged Trading, PoS Holding Service and API Trading Divestment of 2000 USDT Activity

    Dear users:

    In order to meet the diversified trading needs of users, MXC Matcha has launched UFT leverage trading, API trading and position POS services. Details are as follows:

    [API transaction split 2000 USDT]

    Date: 14:00 February 23, 2021 -- 23:59 March 1, 2021 (UTC+8)

    Activity rules: Users trade UFT/USDT through API, and the transaction volume is not less than 1000 USDT, they can divide 2000 USDT according to the transaction proportion, and the maximum reward for a single user is 500 USDT.

    Activity Instructions:

    1. Volume = Buy + Sell.

    2. The award list will be announced within 7 working days after the event.

    3. In order to ensure the fairness of the activity, it is strictly prohibited to cheat such as brushing and knocking. MXC platform will immediately cancel the award qualification if the user has any illegal operation that affects the normal operation of the activity, and the account will be frozen in serious cases.

    4. MXC matcha reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

    MXC Matcha has launched UFT/USDT leveraged trading pair, supporting 5 times leveraged currency trading. The 24-hour rate of buy (long) is 0.14%, and the 24-hour rate of sell (short) is 0.095%.

    [Position POS Service]

    1. Expected annual return: 3%. Expected annual return will be adjusted at any time according to the actual return of the mine pool

    2. The income of POS held by UFT is settled by UFT, daily income = the number of UFT pieces held (annualized return /365)

    3. Starting time of revenue generation: 1 day after POS is started, revenue will be calculated

    4. Take a snapshot randomly every day and settle with the lowest position value of the daily snapshot

    5. No need to freeze mortgage assets, and can be traded or withdrawn at any time

    6. POS can be cancelled at any time. If the asset balance is less than the minimum initial investment value or the user cancels the agreement on his/her own initiative, he/she will automatically withdraw from POS

    7. Methods of Participation:

    Web side: Log in the official website home page and click "POS Mine Pool" - enter the "POS Position" page to participate

    App side: Click "POS Mine Pool" in the middle of the home page to enter the "POS Position" page to participate

    [Risk Reminder]

    At present, due to the overheated development of some concept tokens, bubbles, real demand and speculation exist at the same time. Some projects may have the possibility of development failure, over-commitment, project code loopholes, etc. When the market tends to calm down and investors tend to be rational, there will be value return, bubble burst and other situations, leading to the decline of the currency price. MXC Matcha once again reminds users that digital assets are a high-risk way of investment, investors should be cautious in purchasing and pay attention to investment risks.

    Trade digital assets and serve matcha!

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    MXC will continue to provide you with more excellent products and better service!

    MXC team


    MXC抹茶关于上线UFT杠杆交易、持仓PoS服务及API交易瓜分2000 USDT活动的公告




    【API交易瓜分2000 USDT】

    活动时间:2021年2月23日14:00 - 2021年3月1日 23:59(UTC+8)

    活动规则:用户通过API交易UFT/USDT,交易额不低于1000 USDT,即可根据交易占比瓜分2000 USDT,单名用户最高奖励500 USDT。