Bitfinex Pay plugin available for WooCommerce merchants ()

    We are pleased to announce that BFX Pay Limited (" Bitfinex Pay ") is a payment technology that provides online retailers with a way to receive contactless and borderless digital token payments, Will enable users to easily integrate an encrypted payment gateway on WordPress using the WooCommerce plug-in.

    This integration will enable e-commerce operators using the WooCommerce plug-in to seamlessly install cryptocurrency payment gateways on their websites. The deployment of the Bitfinex Pay widget will facilitate the receipt of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) payments through the new widget. It is also possible to pay with BTC and Tether tokens (USDt) via the Lightning Network.

    The Bitfinex Pay plug-in can be downloaded from GitHub. Our customers will have access to the document, which contains instructions on how to set it up. The open source application is easy to install: users can download Bitfinex Pay with a few clicks before installing and configuring it. Customers experiencing any issues or issues can raise them on GitHub Issues or seek help from Bitfinex Customer Support and the wider community.

    Customers of merchants that integrate payment technology can seamlessly direct to the Bitfinex payment gateway by clicking the Bitfinex Pay button. After paying with the cryptocurrency accepted by the merchant, the customer will be redirected back to the merchant's website.

    Bitfinex Pay is capped at $1,000 per customer per day. While there are no fees to use Bitfinex Pay, any transaction fees incurred on the relevant blockchain will be borne by the online merchants and their customers.

    To start using Bitfinex Pay, eligible merchants first need to register a Bitfinex account with at least intermediate account verification and then apply for merchant verification. After the verification is successful, the merchant sub-account can be created. Merchants can then integrate Bitfinex Pay widgets into their websites.


    Bitfinex Pay 插件可用于 WooCommerce 商家()

    我们很高兴地宣布,BFX Pay Limited(“Bitfinex Pay”)是一种支付技术,为在线零售商提供一种接收非接触式和无边界数字代币支付的方式,将使用户能够使用 WooCommerce 插件轻松集成加密支付网关在 WordPress 上。

    该集成将使使用 WooCommerce 插件的电子商务运营商能够在其网站上无缝安装加密货币支付网关。 Bitfinex Pay 小部件的部署将有助于通过新小部件接收比特币 (BTC) 和以太坊 (ETH) 的付款。也可以通过闪电网络以 BTC 和 Tether 代币 (USDt) 支付。

    Bitfinex Pay 插件可从GitHub下载。我们的客户将可以访问 Read.Me 文档,其中包含有关如何设置的说明。这个开源应用程序易于安装:用户只需点击几下即可在安装和配置 Bitfinex Pay 之前下载它。遇到任何问题或问题的客户可以在 GitHub 问题上提出它们,或者向 Bitfinex 客户支持和更广泛的社区寻求帮助。

    集成了支付技术的商家的客户只需点击 Bitfinex Pay 按钮即可无缝定向到 Bitfinex 支付网关。使用商家接受的加密货币付款后,客户将被重定向回商家的网站。

    每位客户使用 Bitfinex Pay 每天支付的金额上限为 1,000 美元。虽然使用 Bitfinex Pay 不收取手续费,但在相关区块链上产生的任何交易费用将由在线商家及其客户承担。

    开始使用Bitfinex Pay,符合条件的商户首先需要注册一个Bitfinex账户,账户验证至少为中级,然后申请商户验证。验证成功后,即可创建商户子账号。然后商家可以将 Bitfinex Pay 小部件集成到他们的网站上。

    如需更多信息,请访问Bitfinex Pay 。