Bitfinex Pay Plugin Available for WooCommerce Merchants

    We are pleased to announce that BFX Pay Limited ("Bitfinex Pay"), a payment technology, providing online retailers with a means of receiving contactless and borderless digital token payments, will enable users to easily integrate a crypto payment gateway using a plugin for WooCommerce on WordPress.

    The integration will enable e-commerce operators who use the WooCommerce plugin to seamlessly install a cryptocurrency payment gateway to their websites. The deployment of the Bitfinex Pay widget will facilitate receiving payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) via the new widget. Payments in BTC and Tether tokens (USDt) can also be made via the Lightning Network.

    The Bitfinex Pay plugin will be available for download from GitHub. Our customers will have access to a Read.Me doc, with instructions on how to set it up. This open source application is easy to install: Users simply download it before installing and configuring Bitfinex Pay in a few clicks. Customers that encounter any problems or issues can raise them on GitHub Issues or request help from Bitfinex customer support, and the wider community.

    Customers of a merchant that has integrated the payment technology simply click on the Bitfinex Pay button to be seamlessly directed to the Bitfinex payment gateway. After payment is made using a cryptocurrency accepted by the merchant, a customer will be redirected back to the merchant's website.

    The value of daily payments made by each customer using Bitfinex Pay is capped at US$1,000. While there are no processing fees for using Bitfinex Pay, any transaction fees incurred on the relevant blockchain will be borne by online merchants and their customers.

    To get started with Bitfinex Pay, eligible merchants will first need to register for a Bitfinex account, verify the account to at least the intermediate level and apply for merchant verification. Upon successful verification, a merchant sub-account can be created. Merchants can then integrate the Bitfinex Pay widget on to their websites.

    For further information, please visit Bitfinex Pay.