MEXC announcement that Throne (THN) is online in the Innovation zone and opens the top-up transaction of 4500 THN

    Dear users,

    MEXC Innovation Zone is coming online Throne (THN) and opening the THN/USDT trading market. The details are as follows:

    2. Deals: 22 September 2021 18:00 (UTC+8)

    Tip: The price of some projects in the Innovation zone fluctuates greatly. Please pay attention to the potential risk of price chasing and hidden takedown.

    【 Top up THN and divide 2000THN】

    Date: 21 September 2021 18:00 -- 25 September 2021 23:00 UTC+8

    Activity Rules and rewards:

    During the event, users can share 500 THN prize pool according to the proportion of net recharge amount with no less than 10 THN prizes; THN net recharge is not less than 50, you can divide 1500 THN prize pool according to the proportion of net recharge;

    Win 2500 THN by trading THN

    Date: 22 September 2021 18:00-25 September 2021 23:00 (UTC+8)

    Activity Rules and rewards:

    1. Trade ranking Awards

    During the event, users can participate in THN transactions, meet the minimum transaction volume and rank in the top 10, and can be divided into 1860 THN rewards according to the ranking.

    2. Sunshine Award

    In addition, all users who participate in THN transactions (except for the top 10) will have accumulated at least 200 USDT and will receive 640 THN rewards based on the percentage of transactions.

    Matters needing attention:

    1. The activity reward will be issued within 7 days after the end of the activity, and users can check it in the Charge Record - Other Records.

    2. Net top-up amount = top-up - withdrawal, effective transaction = buy + sell, excluding account volume.

    3. Users who participate in this activity must complete KYC verification before the end of the activity to receive the reward.

    4. During the event, MEXC will strictly review and cancel the qualification of the competition if there is any cheating behavior such as malicious brushing, batch registration, self-buying and self-selling, and mutual knocking.

    5. This activity is initiated by Throne (THN) project side and the award is provided by the project side. All participating users are considered voluntary participants. This activity does not constitute any investment advice.

    6. MEXC reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

    [Project Introduction] (The following content is provided by the project party for reference only)

    Title: Throne (THN)

    Project official website:

    Total token supply: 1,974,198,687 THN

    Block preview:



    Project Introduction:

    Throne is the NFT market for the next generation of creators and collectors. A place where everyday users can display, collect and sell their work as a digital asset. THN is the functional token of this market and community. By creating our own token economy, we are able to provide a commission-free platform for creators who choose to trade with THN, providing smarter and sustainable solutions by driving a new creative economy.

    [Risk Warning]

    At present, due to the excessively hot development of some concept plate tokens, bubbles, real demand and speculation exist at the same time. Some projects may have the possibility of development failure, over-commitment, project code bugs and so on. When the market tends to calm down and investors tend to be rational, there will be a return of value, bubble burst and other situations, leading to the fall of the currency price. MEXC once again reminds users that digital assets are a high-risk way of investment. Investors are advised to be cautious in purchasing and pay attention to investment risks. MEXC, as a digital asset trading platform that respects the community, adheres to the principle of "true, transparent and fair" trading and the bottom line of "Don't be evil", and provides users with "safer, more efficient and more reliable" digital asset trading services.

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    MEXC關於Throne (THN)上線創新區,並開啟充值交易賽瓜分4500 THN的公告


    MEXC創新區即將上線Throne (THN) ,並開放THN/USDT交易市場。具體詳情如下:

    1. 充值和提現:已開啟;

    2. 交易:2021年9月22日18:00 (UTC+8)




    活動時間:2021年9月21日18:00 - 9月25日23:00(UTC+8)


    活動期間,用戶THN淨充值不少於10枚,即可根據淨充值量佔比瓜分500 THN獎池; THN淨充值不少於50枚,即可根據淨充值量佔比瓜分1500 THN獎池;


    【交易THN贏取2500 THN】

    活動時間:2021年9月22日18:00 - 9月25日23:00(UTC+8)



    活動期間,用戶參與THN交易,滿足最低交易額且排名前10,可根據排名瓜分1860 THN獎勵。



    此外,所有參與THN交易的用戶(交易排名前10用戶除外)累積交易額不低於200 USDT,可根據交易額佔比瓜分640 THN獎勵。







    5、該活動由Throne (THN) 項目方發起,獎勵由項目方提供。所有參與的用戶均被視為自願參加。該活動不構成任何投資建議。




    項目名稱:Throne (THN)


    代幣總供應量:1,974,198,687 THN






    Throne 是面向下一代創作者和收藏家的 NFT 市場。一個日常用戶可以將他們的作品作為數字資產進行展示、收集和售賣的地方。 THN是這個市場和社區的功能型通證。通過創建我們自身的通證經濟,我們能夠為選擇用THN進行交易的創作者提供一個免佣金的平台,通過推動全新的創意經濟提供更加明智和可持續的解決方案。