MEXC announcement regarding the launch of Smile Token (Smile) and the opening of phase 84 of new coin mining

    Dear users,

    MEXC Innovation Zone will soon launch Smile Token (Smile) and open the Smile /USDT trading market. The details are as follows:

    -Trading: 21 September 2021 21:00 (UTC+8)

    Tip: The price of some projects in the Innovation zone fluctuates greatly. Please pay attention to the potential risk of price chasing and hidden takedown.

    Issue 84 New Coin Mining, using MX, USDT, TRX mining: Smile Token (Smile)

    MX DeFi will launch the 84th new coin mining project: Smile Token (Smile). In this period, YOU can use MX, USDT and TRX to mine Smile, which can be mined for 4 days in total. The details are as follows:

    Mining opening time:

    20 September 2021 21:00 (UTC+8)

    Activity Time:

    From 21:00 on September 20, 2021 to 23:59 on September 23, 2021, a total of 4 days

    Pledged pool:

    MX: Unlimited pledge, 1,020,000 SMILE can be mined (60%)

    USDT: No upper limit for pledge, 340,000 SMILE can be mined in total (20%)

    TRX: Pledge without upper limit, 340,000 SMILE (20%) can be mined in total

    How to mine SMILE using MX, USDT and TRX?

    Web side: Log in MEXC official website, click "MX DeFi" to enter the activity page, and you can participate in the pledge mining.

    APP end: Enter the middle of the home page, click "MX DeFi" to enter the activity page, you can participate in pledge mining.

    How do I get SMILE rewards for mining?

    Upon commencement of mining, MEXC will distribute the total amount of SMILE ore equally to the mining pool on a 4-day basis. MEXC T+1 day random snapshot user pledge quantity, according to the average daily position of the mining pool T day to calculate the position holding ratio of a single user, and allocate SMILE reward. Such as:

    For example:

    User A pledges 10,000 MX to participate in mining on T day, MX mining pool supply is 255,000 SMILE on T day, MEXC snapshot on T day MX DeFi total lock up value is 500,000 MX, then user A obtained SMILE by mining in 1 day: (10000/500000)

    255,000 SMILE = 5,100 SMILE


    1. Minimum investment amount: 10 MX, 1 USDT, 100 TRX;

    2. After participating in new currency mining, users pledge T days and unlock T+1 days;

    3. The amount of new coins mined will be calculated and distributed on a daily basis, and distributed to the user account the next day.

    [Project Introduction] (The following content is provided by the project party for reference only)

    Project Name: Smile Token (Smile)

    Total supply: 10,000,000,000 SMILE

    Token type: Algorand

    Project official website:

    Block preview:





    White paper link

    Project Introduction:

    The Smile Coin Wallet is a currency-agnostic, fast and decentralized payment protocol for gaming companies to process payments, deposits and withdrawals in major global currencies for seamless participation in any jurisdiction.

    [Risk Warning]

    At present, due to the excessively hot development of some concept plate tokens, bubbles, real demand and speculation exist at the same time. Some projects may have the possibility of development failure, over-commitment, project code bugs and so on. When the market tends to calm down and investors tend to be rational, there will be a return of value, bubble burst and other situations, leading to the fall of the currency price. MEXC once again reminds users that digital assets are a high-risk way of investment. Investors are advised to be cautious in purchasing and pay attention to investment risks. MEXC, as a digital asset trading platform that respects the community, adheres to the principle of "true, transparent and fair" trading and the bottom line of "Don't be evil", and provides users with "safer, more efficient and more reliable" digital asset trading services.

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    MEXC關於上線Smile Token(SMILE)并開啟第84期新幣挖礦的公告


    MEXC創新區即将上線Smile Token(SMILE),並開放SMILE/USDT交易市場。具體詳情如下:

    - 充值&提現:已開啟

    - 交易:2021年9月21日21:00 (UTC+8)



    第84期新幣挖礦,使用MX、USDT、TRX挖礦: Smile Token(SMILE)

    MX DeFi即將上線第84期新幣挖礦項目:Smile Token(SMILE),本期可使用MX,USDT和TRX挖礦SMILE,共計可挖礦4天。具體情況如下:


    2021年9月20日 21:00 (UTC+8)


    2021年9月20日 21:00 - 2021年9月23日 23:59,共4天


    MX:質押無上限,總共可挖礦 1,020,000 SMILE(佔60%)

    USDT:質押無上限,總共可挖礦 340,000 SMILE(佔20%)

    TRX:質押無上限,總共可挖礦 340,000 SMILE(佔20%)

    如何使用MX、USDT 和 TRX 挖礦SMILE?

    Web端:登錄MEXC官網,點擊“MX DeFi"進入活動頁面,即可參與質押挖礦。

    APP端:進入首頁中部,點擊“MX DeFi"進入活動頁面,即可參與質押挖礦。


    挖礦開始後,MEXC將根據SMILE挖礦總量按4天平均分配到挖礦池中。 MEXC T+1 日隨機快照用戶的質押數量,根據挖礦池T日的日均持倉計算單個用戶持倉佔比,分配SMILE獎勵。例如:


    A用戶T日質押10,000 MX參與挖礦,T日MX挖礦池供應量為255,000 SMILE,T+1日 MEXC 快照T日MX DeFi的挖礦池總鎖倉價值為500,000 MX,那麽A用戶這1天挖礦獲得的SMILE為:(10,000 / 500,000) 255,000 SMILE = 5,100 SMILE



    1、最低起投額度:10 MX、1 USDT、100 TRX;





    項目名稱:Smile Token(SMILE)

    总供應量:10,000,000,000 SMILE















    Smile Coin 錢包是一種與貨幣無關、快速且去中心化的支付協議,供遊戲公司處理以全球主要貨幣進行的支付、存款和取款,以無縫參與任何司法管轄區。