Announcement of the launch of Konomi Network (KONO) by OKEx Boka Ecology Sector

    Dear OYI OKEx users:

    The specific time for OKEx to launch

    Konomi Network (KONO)

    is as follows:

    1. Kono Recharge: Apr 6 15:00 (HKT)

    2. KONO/USDT Market Trading: April 6, 17:00 (HKT)

    3. KONO Withdrawal: April 7 18:00 (HKT)

    [KONO won DJI FPV and iPhone12 in recharge transaction, and split $100,000 KONO in single mining]

    Time: 15:00, Apr. 6, 2021 -- 17:00, Apr. 13, 2021 (HKT)

    Activity 1: Top up Kono, win DJI FPV and iPhone12 (10 units in total)

    Within 36 hours after opening Kono recharge, every $300,000 Kono recharge on the OEE-OKEX chain will be randomly sent out 5 iPhone 12 in a lottery according to the recharge record on the chain.

    During the event, if you participate in KONO/USDT coin trading and the transaction volume reaches 2,000USDT, 5 people will be randomly selected from all users who meet the standard and 5 DJI FPV will be sent.

    Activity two: mining with single bill, and divide the Kono prize pool of $100,000

    During the activity, the platform will take a snapshot of the KONO/USDT transaction pairs every minute, record the order amount of the top 50 positions at the buying counter and the top 50 positions at the selling counter, as well as the KONO/USDT transaction pair fees within the current minute, calculate the mining income per minute, and divide up the KONO transaction commission prize pool with the maximum 100,000USDT equivalent value. Click to learn more about the activity.

    Konomi Network (KONO)

    Oyi OKEx reminds us that digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations and high investment risks. Before investment, we hope that you will have a full understanding of digital assets, rationally judge the investment ability, and prudently make investment decisions.

    Oyi OKEx will continue to provide you with more excellent products and better service!

    6 April 2021 (HKT)

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    欧易OKEx 波卡生态板块上线Konomi Network (KONO)的公告


    欧易OKEx 波卡生态板块上线Konomi Network (KONO)具体时间如下:

    1. KONO充值: 4月6日15:00(HKT)

    2. KONO/USDT的市场交易: 4月6日17:00(HKT)


    3. KONO提现: 4月7日18:00(HKT)

    【充值交易KONO赢DJI FPV、iPhone12,挂单挖矿瓜分10万美金KONO】

    活动时间:2021年4月6日15:00 - 2021年4月13日17:00(HKT)

    活动一:充值交易KONO,赢DJI FPV、iPhone12(共10部)

    开放KONO充值36小时内,欧易OKEx链上KONO充值额每满30万美金,将根据链上充值记录,抽奖随机送出5部 iPhone 12。

    活动期间参与KONO/USDT币币交易,且交易额满2,000USDT,将从全部达标的用户中随机抽取5人,送出5部 DJI FPV。



    更多详情:Konomi Network (KONO)




    2021年4月6日 (HKT)


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